Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Love Letter for Miss Sheetal

I am a mad boy for you.
I like you too much.
You are a diamond for me.
I have a great prosperity for you in my heart.
I never forget you in my life.
You are memorable for me.
I remember you every day for sometime.
You are my power.
I always remember your speech.
Your speech gives me a power.
I never thought that we will be apart in life.
Some time you were in stress.
You never understood me your good friend.
I think that fully you do not believe in me.
I forget my life after you.
Now i love you.
I will love you till my death.
I saw you tried to change yourself.
But fully you can not change you in your life.
I don't know what is my value for you.
But you are most valuable for me.
I was always very happy with you.
After your going, I become so sad.
I can't live happy without you,
As i was.
I don't know ,
where we will be in future.
I want, you always remember me in your life.
I never want, you forget me.
I think, one day i will get you
please come back in my life.
i miss u so much
writer virendra bharti
cont: 8561887634

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