Monday, November 14, 2016

An indian girl by virendra bharti

I meet with a beautiful Indian girl,
She was looking so nice.
Her face was so attractive,
She was wearing a glass,
Who was increasing her beauti.


Her heaRt was more beautiful than her face.
I meet with her during my college life.
I passed some time with her,
I found, she was closest at my heart.
I always remember to her for her good nature.

As I meet to her,
As many person meet each other,
Who puts a sign on our heart.

Who always become memorable in our life.
As some person gives us inspiration,
for doing something in our life.
I am thankful to that.
I always miss her in my life every second.

So I am nostalgic in SHEETAL'S memory
Virendra bharti

गजल एक भारती