Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I am a funny boy

Mad writer virendra bharti

I am a funny boy.
I like to enjoy.
I not have a tension.
So I live always happy.
It is my hobby.
I live happy.

I live happy.
I wanna all live happy.
All live happy,
 nothing live sad.
Nothing person fight to each other.
They all live with love.
I wanna it.
They don't missing every second
without enjoy.
I salute to my nation.
My nation is India.
India is my loving country.
I am very happy.
I arrive in India.
India is good country.
But something is bad.

But something is bad.
As a politics,
I don't like politics,
So I am a funny boy.
I am a good boy.

By mad writer virendra bharti

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